Day 50 – From Rock Creek to Guitar Lake, mile 767+4

June 9.

Slept well, but it seems I don’t have much reserves in my sleeping system for colder nights. This night was at 9500 feet – let’s see how it will be at 11500 feet next night at Guitar lake. I will probably add my last remaining layers of clothing – hopefully no need for the puffy though.


Breakfast with hot coffee held with cold shaking hands. 15min later on trail, you appreciate the sun rays warming you. Funny how different that was two weeks ago during the heat wave at the end of the desert section. 30min later on trail, I am sweating. First water crossing. Easy with my boots stepping from rock to rock even with water overflowing. Everything up to the ankle is no issue.

First short break at 2.5 miles and 1500 feet up.

Next water crossing short before Rock Creek. I am showing off my boots one again… 😂 The others went through either with their trail runners or with Crocs.

Arrived at Crabtree Meadows at 12pm for lunch with Tinkle, Cactass, Queso, Husk and Flamingo. Enjoying lunch… A Crystal Light drink, one tortilla with tuna and sunflower seeds, one with Nutella kindly donated by Tinkle.
So far my feet were holding up pretty good. But the blister patch doesn’t hold well… Need to decide what to do for tomorrow’s summit of Whitney.

Lying in the grass of the meadow. Enjoying the rest, the warmth of the sun… And music..😍

Song of today: Alphaville – Forever young

We just have four miles left to go to Guitar lake, so we should arrive after 4pm. It’s gonna be great to rest so much before the big day tomorrow.

At Guitar lake, I pitched my tent just next to where I had my tent on my hike two years ago. Amazing view… And it feels great to be back. My feet felt good today… I am excited and enthusiastic about climbing up Mt Whitney tomorrow morning. As the last time, I will leave my tent behind and only take what’s needed in my pack on the climb – warm clothes, water, snacks, electronics…

Spent several hours lying in the grass here at Guitar lake… Just enjoying the view and watching the clouds.

Cactass and Queso trying a new perspective

Dinner with tea, chatting with the others. In bed by 7pm. Can see the lake from my tent.

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