Day 53 – From Tentsite at Bullfrog Lake via Kearsage Pass to Onion Valley Campground and Bishop

June 12.

Starting at Bullfrog lake in the morning with a cup of coffee and a beautiful view.

We had to hike over Kearsage pass – actually extra 7.5 miles off the PCT to get resupply in Independence or Bishop.

Made it quickly to the top of the 11.760 feet pass. In the other side, the trail led down gently along several beautiful lakes to the Onion valley campground.

At the campground, Cactass, Tinkle, Husk, Queso and myself tried to find a hitch down to Independence or Bishop. Around 12pm, it was not easy… Only few dayhikers were around. To kill the time, I started foraging for food in the numerous bear boxes… If you leave food in there unattended, you are supposed to mark it with name and pickup date. After that date, it will be removed by rangers. In our case… After the date, we just eat it… 😜 Had some perfectly fine potato chips, some biscuits…

At the end Husk was the hero of the day. He found a guy with pickup who took us down into Independence.

Getting from Independence to Bishop was another hitch… Here Tinkle was successful and stopped Dan,a nice guy from Australia passing through. He had been hiking the PCT in 2016!

Tinkle, Dan, Cactass
Tinkle hitchhiking in Independence

In Bishop, our first stop was of course a restaurant before checking into a motel… 😁

Jack’s in Bishop – My food!

It was a long section in the Californian wilderness. The last 1-2 days before coming to town, I had started rationing my food. It is an interesting experience if your stomach hurts from hunger… And to feel the difference between appetite and hunger…

Will take a break in Bishop, relax, resupply… 😁

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