Day 55 – From Bishop over Kearsage pass to tentsite short before PCT crossing

June 14.

After zeroing in Bishop on June 13, we took the bus on June 14 from Bishop to Independence. Waited there quite a while at the road leading back to Onion valley campground, but then a fellow hiker (Notorious FIG) drove up in a rental and took us up to the trail.

Since we only made it to the trail at 4pm, we just had the plan to make it over Kearsage pass and camp soon after.

During the ascend, I met another hiker, an arborist called ape man. He had quite some details to share on the trees we passed. And ape man has a YouTube channel where he actually shared a video taken the same day.

@ape man, it was nice to meet you.

Making it over the pass around 6.30pm, we picked our tents soon after. For tomorrow, Glen pass and also the milestone 800 is planned.

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