Day 60 – From tentsite over Muir Pass to tentsite, mile 856

June 19.

Woke up at 5.15am when the light came over the horizon. In didn’t sleep too well being excited about the next day and waking up early enough. Alarm clocks don’t work with my ear plugs. 😂


The climb was beautiful, just as I remembered, the Muir pass is one of if not the most beautiful passes in the Sierra.

The early start allowed an easy climb over the frozen snow – we made it to the top short before 8am.

Coming down was as easy with the same snow conditions. We crossed the last major snow field around 10am coming down. Some of us had still too much energy

Lunch break right next to a creek on a flat rock at 11am.

After lunch I felt super motivated. I recognized the next lake as Saphire lake – I had camped here two years ago. The next nearly 20 miles would be a gentle downhill.

As I was walking through a forest, a heard something like a bear grunting. I stopped and looked around worried. Then I saw two hikers just ahead and relaxed… Obviously I must have heard them and misinterpreted the sound. But they pointed towards a tree maybe 10 meters away…

First bear encounter – a brown bear just about 10m/30feet off trail

Added: short bear video.

We decided to camp at a tentsite near Piute Creek at mile 856 at 7pm.

A great day. Maybe my favorite so far.

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