Day 61 – From tentsite via Seldon Pass to tentsite, mile 873

June 20.

Started 7.30am. We saw deer again in the morning.

With our food running low, we decided to walk the extra 1.5 miles off trail to check out the Muir Trail Ranch (MTR). MTR has neither a restaurant nor a shop with food for hikers, but they receive resupply packages and have famous hiker boxes for surplus food from the packages. Two years ago when I was hiking the JMT, I had a resupply box sent there – at that time also the hiker boxes were well filled and the Starburst team benefited from that. This time, the hiker boxes were disappointing – no food. Cactass bought a new gas canister, then we moved on. Now it was clear that we would need to stop at VVR to resupply.

Ran into Sea Bass and Queso, later the complete bunch at lunch break at 2pm at Heart lake just below Seldon pass.

Continued walking at 3pm. We had heard all kinds of news about VVR. There appliances might be broken, so no cool drinks and limited offers in the kitchen. Others said only the small 4 people boat is running. We spoke to some Southbound hikers coming from VVR – they said the restaurant and shop is functional and the big ferry is running 9.45am and 4pm.

We will find out soon enough. Pitched our tents at mile 873, so just 7 miles to the VVR ferry. We need to be there before 9.45am, so am early start is planned. Most of the tentsites are on rocks – couldn’t stake my tent where I planned to. Decided on cowboy camping but only for a while… The mosquitoes were quite active during dinner. Tinkle was so kind to offer her spot since her MSR is freestanding. I managed to squeeze my tent in – it will not withstand much wind but at least the mosquitoes…


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