Day 62 – From Tentsite via Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR) to tentsite, mile 880

June 21. Two months anniversary on trail!

Started at 6am walking, making it to the ferry terminal at 8.45am, a good hour before scheduled departure.

Got on the ferry and enjoyed the ride in the beautiful weather…

Starving from 7 days on trail, a decent breakfast was the top priority at VVR…

Soon we met up with everyone else from our about 10 people big bubble – the others had hiked in via the Bear Crest trail and hitchhiked a bit along the road leading to VVR on that side.

Bought resupplies for the required two days to get to Reds Meadows and Mammoth Lakes, got on the ferry back to trail at 4pm.


We had mobile data reception around Edison lake, so everyone was busy online. Cactass got some IT security consulting due to issues with some of her accounts.

We hiked back to the PCT and did some more miles to a tentsite with fire ring at mile 880.

First campfire

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