Day 77 – From Tentsite via Hwy15 crossing to South Lake Tahoe, mile 1090

July 6.

Got on trail around 7.15am. Tinkle was suddenly pushing to make it to highway 15 and with that to South Lake Tahoe today instead of tomorrow… With just 18 miles left after yesterday’s push to 24 miles…

The morning was surprising with a cloud cover. A new sight… Some clouds even looked dark enough for rain.

We are not alone… Deer tracks on trail

Just after 4 miles, we made it to Carson pass and with that to our next trail magic.

Free sodas and fruit at Carson pass visitor info

Continuing on, the trail got steep downhill for the last 4-5 miles to the highway crossing. We were hit by a few drops of rain!

Right at the highway parking, we ran into the trail magic of CopperTone – a former through hiker who now lives in his expedition mobile as traveling trail angel. Thanks to CopperTone I experienced my first root beer float – vanilla ice cream and root beer – a perfect refreshment after the 18 miles on a warm day. Thank you! We got a ride into South Lake Tahoe from a nice lady whose son is currently hiking the PCT.

First stop was Basecamp pizza – as PCT hiker, you get a free pizza, pasta or salad there… Wow. Like three times magic on one day.

During the hike, Tinkle and I had agreed on another shakedown tomorrow morning… We are excited about increasing the daily mileage… Whatever it takes.

Two zero days in South Lake Tahoe. We will be back on trail with Cactass on Monday. 235 miles to the PCT midpoint.

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