Day 78/79 – Zero days in South Lake Tahoe – Gear Updates

July 7/8.

Besides the usual town activities (Lots of shopping for food, eating, relaxing), I did another shakedown! We need to increase the miles, and less gear will help… I also changed a lot of my gear.

On its way to Steven: Lowa leather boots, gloves, flint striker, platypus bottle, belt, long johns, Chromecast, solar charger, journal, pen, PCT sticker and pin. Some of items I will need again when getting into the cooler North/Washington.

Into trash: two pairs of socks, short running pants without pockets, Icebreaker top with too many holes.

New: Salomon trail runners X Ultra, TNF shorts with pockets, Arc’teryx hoodie as new base layer. One new pair Darn Tough socks.

The shakedown will reduce my pack weight probably around half a kilo. Changing from boots to trail runners is another big step for me…

Oh… And one more thing:

Stayed at the Hard Rock Casino Hotel, won 20 USD at a slot machine! 😜

3 thoughts on “Day 78/79 – Zero days in South Lake Tahoe – Gear Updates

  1. Kids are sleeping, first time in weeks to keep up with your blog.
    Still amazed every time I read it!
    Rock on!


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