Day 87 – From tentsite to Middle Fork Feather River, mile 1250

July 16.

Alarm woke me at 5am, started walking at 6.20am.

My cold got worse just as I was afraid it would. It got into my throat. Not much I can do. I need to keep pushing 25 miles a day to make it with the food I have to the next town Belden – then I will see what to do.

Lunch at 15 miles at 12.30pm at mile 1241.

We came across the 2000km marker. Crazy. Time and miles (or kilometers) are passing so quickly now. Feels like just some time ago that we passed the 1000km marker.

My longest trail was the Kungsleden in North Sweden so far. Considering that this was just 440km – I have just hiked 4.5 times that far. And this is not half way of the PCT yet…

Since we didn’t have a good shower or laundry since too long, we were eager to camp next to a bigger creek. The Middle Fork Feather River was perfect – we camped right next to the river at mile 1250 and did some laundry. The girls took a dip in the rather warm river – I refrained with my cold from that.

Took 1000mg Ibuprofen – will hopefully help with sleep and recovery. Not feeling so good. Hiking 20+ miles in the heat with fever is not ideal.

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