Day 88 – From Middle Fork Feather River to tentsite, mile 1273

July 17.

Slept ok probably also thanks to the Ibuprofen, but woke up all sweaty from my 5am alarm. Turned around one more time, finally got up at 5.15am.

Keep thinking about that I just have to make it to Belden… Today about 25, tomorrow another 10-15 miles. Then I can reassess my cold and decide what to do…

Today is gonna be tough. A climb from 3000 to 6000 feet altitude – probably again around 30 degrees Celsius and that cold or flu.

Left camp 6.45am. Around 10am I had close to 9 miles done. Not too shabby considering.

Reached the top at 6000 feet around 10.45am.

The horizon was hazy with smoke. We met some dayhikers who confirmed that there are forest fires further west causing the smoke. But we should be fine considering that we continue to head North, the PCT is not affected.

We kept hiking but I had trouble pushing it to 25 miles. Considering that we would have just 10-15 miles tomorrow, we settled for 23 miles today and pitched our tents at mile 1273.

I got into my tent quickly, trying to get as much rest as possible. Ibuprofen to help sleep. Feels like the cold is getting worse.

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