Day 96 – From Hat Creek to water cache at forest road 22, mile 1391

July 25.

Woke up only 5.40am, broke down my tent and had breakfast with oatmeal and coffee. Hit the trail only at 7am.

Walked by Old Station, went to JJs Cafe around 10am for the Blueberry Pancakes special breakfast. Charged my phone, enjoyed quite fast WiFi. Two blog updates. Hiked out again an hour later.

Uphill out of Old Station, more than 30 degrees. Passing a car parking, a nice lady offered cool oranges, some chatting about hiking and her brother, a former triple crowner.

Lunch break in the shade of a tree from 1230pm to 1.45pm.

Walked by the only water source before the water cache at road 22, was contemplating to climb down the 300 feet to the water. But under a tree were two hikers Serenity and Gusty – offering a liter cold water! Thank you guys.

Some miles later trail magic, but nothing left except some liters water. Last stop before camp around 5pm to relax the feet and enjoy some shade.

6.15pm at the water cache at Forest road 22 – and trail magic by CopperTone! Sitting there until 7pm… Getting really tired. Pitched my tent in the trees. The two hikers from South Korea who had pitched their tents next to mine last night also decided to stay here.

24 miles today. Good. Tired. And dirty – no water here to wash the dirt away.

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