Day 97 – From forest road 22 to Burney Falls NP campground, mile 1417

July 26.

Got up 6.20am. Slowly getting there… Few other hikers were active. Broke down my tent, had a coffee and a poptart for breakfast. Starting walking 6.10am – an early start for me, nice. My plans for today were ideally 25 miles again, that would take me to the Burney Falls campground. It has shower and laundry facilities – I am just not too sure how good the store is for the resupply.

Shortly after leaving the tentsite, I saw a skunk crossing the trail in front of me! First time I saw a skunk on trail! I made some noise and kept distance… You don’t want to mess with one of these – also considering that I have basically no clothes to change…

Smokey air all morning, as it turned out the whole day. The sun appeared in a deep red on the horizon.

Passed the 1400 miles marker.

Around 1pm came into Burney Mt Guest Ranch. A great place with friendly people. There were not many hikers around, it was easy to take a quick shower and do laundry. Their little store was well stocked with fair prices to resupply until Mt Shasta. Chatted with Crumbs and Gusty.

Left at 4pm – that was really effective.

Arrived Burney Falls around 7.30pm. Quick stop at the shop that closes at 8pm: chocolate, soft drinks, beer and chips.

Sitting with a bunch of other hikers including Flower/Colin and Nightwalker until 8.30pm – too tired then, went to the designated hiker area and pitched my tent. In tent by 9pm.

Long day, but really effective. 26 miles. And resupply done.

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