Day 113 – From tentsite to tentsite, mile 1765

Aug 11.


Got up 5.15am, started hiking 6.15am. The smoke has its advantages – with the early sunlight, it creates beautiful photo opportunities.

We completed 10 miles by 10am, took a break to get new water.

Pushing on, we had 16.5 miles done before the lunch break at 1pm. In the afternoon finally a change in landscape! I had seen trees and trees and trees since weeks – Northern California and the South of Oregon had been very similar so far. I am excited to see first volcanic rocks – Oregon will offer much more of that.

Around 5pm, we crossed a highway and met two hiker offering some trail magic out of their rental car. They had decided to skip Oregon – and to make up for that, they were doing trail magic with sodas and snacks – much appreciated! 🙂

Camped at 6.45pm at mile 1765 with 26 miles done. Doing a good job with a planned daily 25+ miles.

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