Day 114 – From tentsite to Snow Lake, mile 1794

Aug 12.


Left tentsite after a quick breakfast at 6.25am. Water would be difficult today – we made an early stop after 6 miles to fill up. A bit below 10 miles at 10am. Shortly after, we had the biggest climb of today with 1300 feet done and 11 miles in.

The trail led through some burnt forest areas. I would see that a lot in the weeks to come. Oregon had seen very bad forest fires in 2017 – most PCT hikers had to skip major parts of Oregon last year.

Burnt forest with flowers blossoming

Lunch break at 1pm at Christie’s spring at mile 1782 with 17 miles done. Good progress. The vertical profile of the trail in Oregon is rather easy.


The dust of the trail mixed with ash from the fires sticking on my legs due to the sunscreen… and on days without much water, this is also how I go into my sleeping bag  (liner 🙂 ) in the evening…

But this night, we found some spot for the tents with Spirit Kick at 6.30pm at Snow Lake at mile 1794.


29 miles today.

In the dark around 10pm, more hikers came to Snow Lake. We woke up with them shuffling around with their bright headlamps… To find them cowboy camping all around our tents in the next morning… 🙂

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