Day 116 – From Crater Lake to tentsite, mile 1846

Aug 14.


Got up in time to be at the Mazama village store opening at 7am for a first breakfast.

We got some donuts and coffee started hiking towards the Rim Village around 8am. We got offered a ride up but with only place for one, Mermaid took the ride and our packs with it. So we could slackpack quickly the steep 3-4 miles up to the crater rim.
What a view!

Crater Lake

Up there we met up with Mermaid again and got our packs. Twerk did a crater photo session, we watched and joined later for a group shot – unfortunately not the one he would publish later.

Afterwards breakfast in the Crater Lake Lodge – never miss out an opportunity to eat.

Delicious french toast with bacon strips and some extra scrambled eggs….

We finally started hiking around 11.30am with our bellies full. Mermaid decided to stay back for another zero to watch sunrise at Crater Lake tomorrow.

We followed the Rim Trail around the crater. It is an alternate to the PCT. But since the PCT is closed here, everyone is taking this scenic alternate. The trail was steeper than expected and passed by parking lots for the day tourists every couple of miles.

Made it to the first water cache where the rim trail joins the PCT again around 3pm, lunch break there.


Hiked on to the next water cache at mile 1846, group of hikers trail magic. Met up with Excel again – we had been hiking with her and others in a bigger groups for several weeks but had not seen her since the Sierra.

We had a very nice evening – dinner together and quite a lot to chat about – catching up on the last weeks.


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