Day 115 – From Snow Lake to Crater Lake / Mazama Village, mile 1820

Aug 13.


Waking up around 5.30am with two guys cowboy camping just around our tents, we left quietly and early without breakfast. Had breakfast later on trail with a great view.

Hiking on towards the famous Crater Lake and Mazama village, the nearby campground. We tried to push it to make it early enough to pick up our resupply packages, take a shower, do laundry and have dinner. Thruhiking can be really stressful… :-p


Soon we came to the 1800 miles marker… With the daily mileage of 25+ miles, we are hitting a marker every four days. Miles are flying… time is flying…

Watched a chipmunk munching on a mushroom for a while…


The trail led through another burnt forest area. With all the sadness of dead trees, these landscapes have their own beauty… On hot days you realize how much you miss the shade from the trees.

Shortly after, we entered the Crater Lake National Park.


Coming into Mazama village, we efficiently got everything done and even had dinner with Spirit Kick in the Annie Creek restaurant. We went to the campground after dark and pitched our tents. It would not be a quiet night. A couple got into a fight in the nearby RV camping area. Shouting, crying, a woman calling for help. I was getting ready to round up other hikers to head over to the RV when I heard already other RV campers knocking the RV door. The fighting stopped for a while, but the shouting continued. I expected police to show up any minute. At the end, the fighting stopped.

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