Into Denmark

March 22.

I headed out not too late and passed trough the rest of Northern Germany quickly. Stopped in Schleswig-Holstein, the most Northern state, in the little village Fleckeby where I grew up.

When they write plattdeutsch (local dialect) on the signs… you know you are really North 🙂

That was also an opportunity to give it a try with the drone – thank you Lars for borrowing this gadget!

This is the low resolution video that is captured directly on the phone during flight. Not too spectacular, but I am excited to try this in Iceland vastness.

I continued through Denmark to the town of Løkken at the sea.


Tomorrow is just about 1h drive left to the ferry terminal.

2 thoughts on “Into Denmark

  1. Nice footage!!!! You used the orbiting right? If not you achieved better skills with the Droney in a couple of days than me in a year :-). Enjoy your trip. Thoughts are with you. Save travels. Best Lars


    1. 😉 The tracking flight mode was helpful, yes… Thanks. I am still excited about the weather on Iceland. It seems to change so quickly. Right now the ring road is free again… 👍🏻


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