Onto the ferry

March 23.

I enjoyed the morning sun at Lokken beach – having my breakfast there in the van. Left around 10am towards the ferry harbor in Hirtshals. I stopped on the way to fill up the tank a last time before sailing to Iceland. Also used the opportunity with Wifi to update the blog.

Finding the ferry terminal was really easy – Hirtshals has a small harbor and following the Smyriline signs took me to the checkin. I was there around 12pm with the ferry scheduled to leave at 3pm. In my queue, cars with height between 1.9m and 2.5m were other vans and some offroad vehicles. I got into chatting with some other drivers during the wait. Parking on the ferry with mirrors folded up was so tight that I had trouble to get our the van with my pack.

On the ferry, I met again some of the drivers – Herbert, a retired German guy traveling with his wife in a restored G class Mercedes with corresponding offroad trailer. He plans to leave the car on Iceland for a year or two and will fly in and out for his trips. He is a world traveler – and has another G class parked in Mongolia waiting for the next trips there in Asia.

James, a British guy traveling with a old Landrover. He is visiting for six weeks – as a professional sailor, he has this time now. He has been transferring sailing yachts all over the world – including a recent trip from Iceland to Norway by sailing boat.

And there is Luise, a German girl traveling with her restored VW T4 for two months in Iceland.

Had my pre booked dinner at 6pm – after realizing that the ship’s time is already on Iceland time, i.e. one timezone to the West. Went for the movie theatre at 8.30pm – finally a chance to see Bohemian Rhapsody. Great movie. The ship increased its rolling in the waves towards the evening – it was a kind of special effects for the movie.

Went to bed around 11pm – not easy to fall asleep since I was rolling back and forth in the bunkbed. Looking forward to tomorrow – a whole day at sea.

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