Iceland Day 10 – From Reykjavik to Gardur

April 4.


Got up early for a video interview that unfortunately got postponed. So I enjoyed the hotel breakfast extensively and hung out until lunch time using their Wifi for photo backups and blogging.

Around lunch, I was heading out South towards Gardur with two lighthouses. Herbert had mentioned this spot for camping. And indeed – a beautiful area to walk around and also stay for the night.

Slowly walking along the coast, I truly enjoyed the ocean. The smell, the wind… with my eyes scanning the waves, I first could not believe what I saw… But first a dorsal fin, a tail fin, then water spray from the blowhole… there were whales passing by so close to the coast! Felt so happy in this moment – an unexpected sighting, feeling the nature so close.

Yes, looks small: the black spot in the back is a whale

Stayed here right at the coast overnight. Dreaming of Northern lights since with this overcast, there would be none.


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