Iceland Day 15 – Stokksness, lighthouse of Hvalnes

April 9.


Spotted a reindeer around the campground again in the morning – maybe the same one from last night?

Drove on East to Stokksness with its famous black beach and rocky coast. There was an old viking village, a possible movie location nearby. Really looked like the great Viking series might have been shot here.

After that, walked along the coast, looking for seals at the black beach but no luck. Still a special landscape with the beach and mountain so close.


The ring road followed the shore closely. I stopped to take photos.


There were hundreds of swans! Impressive view with the sun setting. The photos can’t really catch this scene.

For my last night on Iceland (for this trip ;-)), I wanted a wild camping spot again. The Hvalnes lighthouse turned out to be beautiful spot for that. At the evening walk along the shore there, a quick glance of a seal! Beautiful round black face appearing in the waves, just for 3, 4 seconds, then gone again. Just like with unexpected spotting of the whales at Gardur – these few seconds gave me a long lasting smile, feeling happy, lucky and connected.


I stood there for a good while, maybe hoping for another glance. But I was happy and content.

“God never made an ugly landscape. All that sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.”
– John Muir

The sound of rain on the car roof that night made this such a beautiful evening – could not ask for more. Except maybe more time on Iceland.

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