Day 20 – Caribou Creek to Deep Creek bridge, mile 299

May 10. Left camp 6.30am… I really can not hear my watch alarm at 5.15am. Arms inside the sleeping bag, ear plugs… Need to think about something else to get started earlier.

Anyway – made the 10 miles before 10am again. First break at 10.15am at Little Bear Spring Trail.

Lunch stop at 1pm at 291.5 miles. It is getting difficult again to find shade.

Arrived at deep Creek bridge mile 299 around 6pm. A nice creek to wash my face, feet and legs. Dinner and sleeping bag time at 8pm.

That was a 24 miles day – my record so far. That’s nearly 40km.

Thoughts on mileage – so far so good. I planned to start with moderate days around 15 miles. Now I am coming to a turning point… When to increase to 20+ miles? Today showed that it is possible to do 24 miles. I just need to get up a bit earlier, take shorter breaks and stop later in the evening. Additional miles are made with more hours walked, not quicker steps.

Curious how my feet and legs will feel tomorrow morning.

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