Day 21 – From Deep Creek bridge to Grass Valley creek mile 318

May 11. Got up 5.30am, hit the trail 6.30am. My feet and legs were good. No difference whether I walked 18 or 24 miles the day before. That’s a good feeling. Made it to the 300 miles marker shortly after.

The trail continued to follow the Deep Creek canyon. Saw a beautiful horned lizard.

At 10am, we came to the Deep Creek hot springs at mile 308.

Soaked there for a while, ate strawberry Oreos from the hiker box. Yes, it has become quite natural now to eat food other people left behind. Yes, the Oreos tasted a bit funny, but I am quite sure that was the intended taste for strawberry Oreos. 😂

Watched a squirrel facing a rattlesnake. The squirrel was shrieking louder and louder… The snake retreated.

After the hot springs, the canyon was opening up more and more…

We walked along the dam and stopped for water soon.

A curious snake showed up a few times… It was close to crawling into another hiker’s pack.

Coming out from the protected area behind the dam, the view opened up further and with that a fierce storm caught. At times, I was fully leaning into the wind to be able to move forward. A great feeling – the storm with blue sky and sun in the face.

But that was also slowing is down. We choose to pitch our tents around mile 318. 20 miles today after 24 yesterday. I am very pleased. A lot of other hikers joined us shortly after… Everyone wanted to get out from the wind.

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