Day 22 – From Grass Valley Creek to tentsite, mile 338

May 12. Started 6.30am. wind was not as bad during the night as we thought.

On trail

At 11am we came to the Cleghorn picnic area, ordered pizza and softdrinks together with some hikers from new Zealand. Started hiking again 2pm. Plan was to do at least 20 miles.

Walked along another dam, wondering about its purpose in this dry stretch.

Shortly after, the view opened up with another surprise today…

While we were carrying water enough to dry camp before coming to Cajon pass tomorrow, there was a big lake / water reservoir on the other side!

Walking by people bbq’ing at the shore… They say your senses improve when you hike long distances… I can swear I smelled hickory flavored BBQ from far away…. 😂

We came to a tentsite about 18 miles from where we started today – not enough. I offered a friendly shakedown to Stefan, another hiker from Germany we ran into at the hot springs.

Quite a big pack

After drying our shoes and feet and enjoying the afternoon sun with some music, we pushed on another 2 miles to complete the 20 for today. Looked for some sheltered tentsites since the wind kept blowing.

Song of today: Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed

Pitched the tents around 7pm

Will sleep long tomorrow… (6.30am), only 3-4 miles to McDonald’s. There, we will eat, resupply and plan the ascend to Wrightwood.

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