Day 30 – From Acton KOA via Hiker Heaven/Aqua Dulce to tentsite, mile 462

May 20

The sky was covered with clouds in the morning. Hiking the first 10 miles to Aqua Dulce / Hiker Heaven took us into the clouds, but the temperature was really nice for hiking. I heard from other hikers that this section was much hotter with temperatures above 100 Fahrenheit/more than 35 degree last year around the same time.
Coming into Vasquez Rocks just before Aqua Dulce/Hiker Heaven.

Aqua Dulce is actually the first community that is located right on the trail – the PCT leads through the small town on the main street.

And again amazingly friendly people welcomed PCT hikers. We were all invited for a Taco Salad lunch in the community center.

After lunch, we were offered rides to the trail angels at Hiker Heaven right in town. It is as professionally organized as Scout and Frodo in San Diego. On arrival, we got a quick tour on all the offerings.

I used the opportunity to fix a button of my shirt

But with just 10 miles hiked, we left Hiker Heaven around 3pm to resupply and make more miles.

The weather kept changing. With the rather cold and wet air, we raced up the mountains to pitch the tents just before darkness at mile 462.

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