Day 73 – From tentsite via highway 108 crossing to Bridgeport, mile 1017 – Video Journal

July 2.

Today just about 10 miles were planned… We discussed whether to go to Kennedy Meadows North or Bridgeport for resupply. For both destinations, hitchhiking from mile 1017 is needed. While Kenney Meadows North is just a pack station/resort, Bridgeport is a real town with general store, post office etc. We opted for Bridgeport.

I took several video clips today to show you a typical day on trail for me. Hope you find this interesting.

Some more impressions of the day coming to Sonora pass…

Song of the day:

Dreaming free – Bora York

One of the best days on trail. At the crest, we walked into clouds with thousands of butterflies… Seems they were migrating. I never experienced anything like this before – so much beauty in nature. Check out the video.

I am so thankful for experiencing this. And the whole trail. It took quite some courage to take the time for this. Days like today make it worth it.

3 thoughts on “Day 73 – From tentsite via highway 108 crossing to Bridgeport, mile 1017 – Video Journal

  1. I appreciate Day 73 was quite a while ago now but only just watched your video diary now – how stunning the scenery is and what a fun way to see what you experience during a day on the PCT! Really incredible, thank you for sharing Florian.


    1. Hey Leigh, I am happy you liked it! It was a really special day… Big luck that I chose that day… I am considering to do another one. Days are different now. It keeps me more busy hiking 25+ miles everyday.


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